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EnerGrow plans to establish all-year round strawberry production facilities. Two locations, in the Central Belt and North of Scotland, are currently being technically scoped for development.

The EnerGrow business model is based on the ability to grow Class 1, premium quality strawberries, throughout the year in a controlled environment using leading edge technologies. Producing strawberries in this manner will deliver significant competitive advantage, particularly through the ability to supply UK grown produce during the traditional ‘off-season’ period. The increasing consumer demand for strawberries over the winter period is currently met by importing produce from Morocco, Egypt, Israel and Spain.

Although strawberries have been selected as the initial product EnerGrow considers these sites as the first of several developments, with other potential products, such as tomatoes, salad leaves and herbs, also being of interest.

A Unique Approach

Strawberries will be grown in a closely controlled glasshouse environment using a blend of natural daylight and LED lighting, together with climate management (heat and cooling) and an enhanced CO 2 supply. LED lighting is already used in many existing glasshouses to extend the growing season with well proven results; the proposed EnerGrow facilities are an extension to this approach.

Direct control of lighting levels throughout the growing cycle delivers the optimum conditions for producing strawberries of a consistent, high quality and at high production levels. The facilities will be split into separate growing zones allowing each to be planted at a separate time, ensuring that over a complete yearly cycle strawberries will be available to harvest every day of the year. The LED lighting scheme has been designed, using simulation software, to deliver the recommend Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density for growing strawberries and achieve the required Daily Light Integral by switching on the lights in each growing zone as required.

EnerGrow will utilise the best available technologies across the growing, harvesting and packing phases of the business. To that end EnerGrow intends to introduce robotic strawberry picking within the overall business model. Several companies are developing this technology application and have confirmed to EnerGrow that commercial, automated, picking units will be rolled out to the market at scale in the foreseeable future.


EnerGrow is delighted to have secured an in principle offer of funding from a UK Financial Institution for the first project and having selected a potential site in Rosyth, Fife is currently working with the site owner and agent to finalise site configuration and services. Discussions are ongoing with the various work package suppliers to fully scope out the £16m development.

EnerGrow has commenced the process of applying for planning permission to build a 2.5 hectare, environmentally controlled, glasshouse incorporating a number of innovative technologies and approaches, and is working closely with Fife Council and other Government agencies to successfully deliver the development and create around between 50 and 60 full time equivalent jobs.

Project Team

The EnerGrow team has a breadth of expertise ideally suited to delivery of the project and establishment of a successful horticultural business.

Key personnel:

Andrew McMurtrie - expert in energy, construction and process engineering has worked with several ‘blue chip’ companies to deliver key projects throughout the UK. Will undertake overall project development using expertise in the delivery and operation & maintenance of large renewable energy and drinks industry projects. Experience of securing energy subsidies on complex projects.

Kevin Scott - expert in public sector policy and funding with considerable experience in the funding, management and delivery of technology focussed projects. Will establish appropriate route to available grant funding and will manage the receipt of Scottish and UK Government support.

Registered Office: EnerGrow Ltd, Office 17, Bilston Glen Enterprise Centre, 1 Dryden Road, Loanhead, Midlothian, Scotland, EH20 9LZ. No, SC242284.
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